Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser

Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser

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About the Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser
The Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser is an official replacement atomiser for the Yocan Orbit Vaporiser. The Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser features everything that comes standard with the actual device, making it a must-have for anyone who owns a Yocan Orbit Vaporiser or anyone looking to experience the feeling of dabbing using one of Yocan’s ingenious creations.

Spinning Quartz Balls
One of the features of the Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser is its spinning quartz balls. The small orbs are made with the same high-quality quartz materials that Yocan uses for its atomisers which means that they are as effective as they are sturdy. The balls heat up quickly and helps in evenly vaporising the wax concentrates in the atomizer. This results in a more efficient wax concentrate consumption as it prevents any of your materials from being wasted. With the Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser, you can be sure that you can vaporise your wax concentrates down to the very last drop.

The Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser comes with two spinning quartz balls.

Glass Mouthpiece
The Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser comes standard with a glass mouthpiece. For the uninitiated, glass is one of the most coveted materials in vaping. Glass, unlike cheap metal and plastic, offers a cleaner vaping experience. It does not taint the vapours by affecting its smell and taste. Instead, it preserves the natural flavour and aroma of the wax concentrates which offers a pure vaping experience that’s perfect for both recreational consumers and medicating patients. So, if you’re looking to enjoy pure vapours, the Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser is what you should be looking for.

Adjustable Airflow
The Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser also features adjustable airflow. This setting can be controlled at the atomiser base which either restricts or loosens the airflow of the atomizer. A loose airflow allows you to easily inhale from your atomiser but it waters down the vapor. Conversely, a more restricted airflow creates more flavourful and more potent plumes of clouds. However, one might find it difficult to draw from the mouthpiece. In addition, the vapours could come in warmer than usual.

The adjustable airflow setting complements the silicone piece which creates a vortex effect. The vortex effect not only make the above mentioned glass balls move, but it also helps cool down the vapours making it easier for you to inhale the vapours.

On that note, the Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser is perfect for consumers whose throats get irritated by inhaling hot vapours. The cooling effect may not be as good as when you introduce the element of water conditioning but it definitely helps in making the vapours tolerable even for beginners.

Package Includes:
1 x Yocan Orbit Replacement Atomiser