Vape Cart Filling Gun
Vape Cart Filling Gun
Vape Cart Filling Gun

Vape Cart Filling Gun

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Product Description:

  • Precision Made Simple: Easy to read dial sets your volume in 0.5ml increments. Dosage is measured using a stainless steel piston with a no-drip stainless steel tip to deliver precision every time.
  • Efficiency: The cart liquid filling machine can fill up to 50 (0.5ml) units in just 5 minutes and change oils in just 60 seconds!
  • Protect Your Product: The cartridge filling machine is built to protect your oil. Our revolutionary Annular Heat Barrel is designed with an annular air space surrounding the oil barrel. That air is what is actually heated which prevents the oil from ever coming in direct contact with any heating elements and burning the oil.
  • Quality: Our engineers had you in mind when designing the cartridge filler gun. Only high quality parts and materials were chosen to give you years of safe and efficient use.

Product Specifications:

Model 25ml oil filling machine
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Type AU plug
Fit for 0.5ml and larger cartridge
Speed fill 500 to 1000 carts / pods every 30 minutes
Temperature 50F-150F temperature control, no overheat
25ml cart gun dispense 0.5ml, 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 2.5ml)
Drive Type manual
Advantage Metered Manual Cart and Dart Filler with precise filling and non drip

Package Includes:

  • Oil Filling Machine Set w/ 25ml Cart Gun
  • 100w
  • Heating Pad, Etc.
  • Temperature Control Box
  • 1pcs 14ga Needles
  • 1pcs 15ga Needles
  • 1pcs 18ga Needles
  • 1 Extra O-Ring