Ispire - daab Accessories
Ispire - daab Accessories
Ispire - daab Accessories
Ispire - daab Accessories

Ispire - daab Accessories

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Product Descriptions:

Water Chamber:

Our daab water chamber helps to create an unrivalled dabbing experience. Paired with our daab base with IICT technology it delivers the perfect hit every time.
The daab water chamber is made with borosilicate glass which helps create a clean dabbing experience due to it's heat resistance properties. Making it the ideal material for dabbing.

Concentrate Cup:

Want to know one of the secret to our induction dabbing technology? Our patent pending daab concentrate cups deliver the cleanest safest hit on the market.
daab Concentrate Cups are made from Borosilicate Glass with ferrous metal-encased between two sealed walls of Borosilicate creating the perfect dabbing environment. This one-of-a-kind Concentrate Cup is designed to heat by induction and created for use with the daab.

Glass Carb Cap:

Simple but effective, the daab Carb Cap boosts vapor production and provides a clean tasty rip.
The hourglass shape with a pointed tip allows you to easily move the concentrates around the dish while also doubling as a dab tool. This helps to boost your hits and minimize waste all in an elegantly designed package. The single hole on top of the bubble gives you maximum airflow control.
This premium carb cap is built with borosilicate glass for purity and durability you'll appreciate.

Reclaim Cup:

Want to know one of the secrets to our induction dabbing technology? We have integrated a HIGH quality reclaim cup into daab systems so you can have the quality HIGH you deserve.
Our reclaim cups are are designed to minimize waste and maximize the efficiency of your dabs. Never lose concentrates again and make the most out of your every session.