Arizer Air MAX Vaporiser
Arizer Air MAX Vaporiser

Arizer Air MAX Vaporiser

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Product Description:

Introducing the Air MAX dry herb vaporiser by Arizer. Experience the latest innovations in our portable multi-purpose diffuser technology. Featuring upgraded Custom Session Settings, automatic screen inversion, Dark Mode, new rapid-heating ceramic technology, fast USB-C charging, and a high capacity 26650 lithium-ion battery. Over 16 years of industry experience built into every unit. Experience Why Arizer is Better by Design.

Who's It For:

The Arizer Air MAX portable dry herb vaporiser is perfect for the everyday-vaporist that wants light, tasty hits and the best performance from an Arizer Portable. Enjoy long, extended sessions from its massive battery or throw it on a glass rig for seamless sessions through a bubbler. If you’re looking for the next big thing with Arizer’s signature vapor and quality, the Air MAX is the clear choice.

Same Familiar Shape:

The Air MAX is slightly taller than the Air 2, but maintains its familiar cylindrical shape with high quality materials and a rugged feel. It has three buttons for power and temperature control, a full OLED display, and a stainless steel oven on top. It’s not the smallest vape we carry but it packs all the features you could want and slips comfortably inside a handbag.

Great Vapor Quality:

The Air MAX doesn't shy away from high-quality vapor. The isolated airpath, all glass stems, and upgraded ceramic heater ramp it up with flavourful, comfortable hits that finish off in a satisfying cloud. Sessions are a relaxing walk in the park and veterans of Arizer vapes will recognize their signature quality.

Battery Life for Days:

Heavy hitting road warriors and everyday vaporists will appreciate the Air MAX’s battery upgrade. The massive 26650 lithium-ion battery provides users with two and a half hours of session time off of a single charge. If you’re in a crunch, plug it in and vape while it’s charging.

Replaceable Battery & USB-C Charging:

The Air MAX plugs in via USB-C and can charge just about anywhere. If its monster 26650 rechargeable battery isn’t enough, stock up on extras and replace your battery when needed. Simply unscrew the bottom cap and swap it out within seconds.

Stronger, Faster Heater:

The Air MAX comes with an advanced, rapid-heating ceramic heater that’s stronger, faster, and more efficient than the previous Arizer Air 2. This updated heater can keep up with faster draws, and even performs well on a water pipe.

Open Airflow for Comfy Hits:

The Arizer Air MAX has the most comfortable airflow out of any Arizer portable. Take a nice, easy-going draw at whatever pace you prefer and the Air MAX will keep up. Whether you're a light sipper or you’re going in heavy, hits are more comfortable.

Heats Up In Under a Minute:

Heat-up times have also improved with the Air MAX. Engage the heater and have sessions ready to go in under a minute. It’s not as fast as the Arizer Solo 2, but it’s not far behind.

Sessions Your Way:

Tweak your Air MAX sessions with a number of custom settings that truly make it your own. Turn the heat indicator sound up or down, then set the session timer to your perfect length. Adjust the screen brightness to your liking or turn it off altogether with Dark Mode. When you’re all set, choose your favourite temperature down to the single degree from 122°F / 50°C all the way up to 428°F / 220°C.

Made for Dry Herbs:

The Air MAX portable vaporiser is made for dry herb vaporizing. Each stem comes with an all-glass pod system for whole or ground flower. Set your temperature, pack it full, and enjoy the flavourful aromas of your favourite herbs.

Ready for Bubblers:

Grab your favourite glass bubbler because the Air MAX is ready to power it with a glass water pipe adapter and automatic screen inversion. Load the included 14mm glass attachment and throw it on your favourite bubbler for smooth, water conditioned hits. When you flip it upside down, The Air MAX’s screen will invert so you don’t have to learn to read upside-down.

Set for Travel:

The Air MAX comes travel ready with multiple storage containers and stem caps for the glass stems. Throw your pre-packed stems into the containers, top off the battery, and enjoy a long, seamless session wherever you are.

Product Specifications:

Battery: 26650
Height: 5 in / 12.8cm
Diameter: 1.18 in / 3cm
Weight: 5.6 oz / 160 g
Temperature Range: 122°F / 50°C - 428°F / 220°C.
Charging: USB-C

Package Includes:

1 x Arizer Air MAX Vaporizer
1 x Glass Aroma Tube w/ Stem Cap
1 x Frosted Glass Aroma Tube WPA w/ Stem Cap
1 x Glass Aroma Dish
3 x PVC Travel Tubes
1 x USB-C Charger
1 x Stir tool
1 x Screen Pack
1 x Aromatic Botanicals