Piranha 1.5″ 4 Piece Grinder
Piranha 1.5″ 4 Piece Grinder
Piranha 1.5″ 4 Piece Grinder
Piranha 1.5″ 4 Piece Grinder

Piranha 1.5″ 4 Piece Grinder

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Product Description:

My smallest of all grinders but you shouldn’t let its small stature fool you! A grinder that will slip easily into your pocket or purse but will also grind like a professional grinder should. The Piranha 1.5” comes in 4 parts

  • Magnetic top lid
  • Razor sharp grinding teeth plate
  • Mesh-based ground flower storage (pollen scraper included)
  • Kief/Pollen storage

All 4 being easy to use, take apart and ultimately clean.

To use: Pull off the magnetic top lid and place smallish buds amongst the teeth. Don’t overpack as you still need to replace the lid. Once replaced turn the lid from side to side. Your ground up flower material will collect in the meshed storage container beneath. Finer material (kief and pollen) should fall through the sifting screen to the lowest level.

To clean: Important to regularly take apart and clean your grinder. Threading between the different layers may get gunked up over time and won’t allow you to close properly. A cloth slightly dampened with IsoPropyl Alcohol should clean up all built-up residue. Make sure you really get into each and every thread. Allow all alcohol to evaporate before reusing.

Contains: x1 1.5” 4-piece Piranha Grinder, x1 Pollen Scraper and x1 Hemp carry bag

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 1.5″
  • Gold
  • Packaging: Piranha hemp carrying case
  • Made from: Anodized Aluminum