Integra Boost Humidiccant Packet 62% - 4 gram

Integra Boost Humidiccant Packet 62% - 4 gram

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Product Description:

Two-way humidity control packet to preserve your stored herbal teas. Two-way humidity control works by either adding or removing humidity to keep the environment inside your sealed containers perfectly stable.

Each packet comes with a humidity indicator card to visually verify the effectiveness of humidity control. The card also tells you when to change your humidiccant packet - simply wait for the dot to turn blue.


  • Extends the shelf life of your blends
  • Prevents mould and over drying
  • Maintains aroma and flavour
  • Retains weight

This Integra Boost Humidiccant Packet has a 62% Relative Humidity (RH) level. 4 gram packet suitable for small to medium sized containers or up to14g.