Arizer Solo Vaporiser
Arizer Solo Vaporiser

Arizer Solo Vaporiser

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Product Description:

Simple, powerful and efficient.

Made by the same people behind the Extreme Q, the Arizer Solo Vaporiser uses a fast-heating ceramic element and borosilicate glass draw stem to deliver some of the cleanest cloud on the market. Seven temperature settings put you in total control, with a long-lasting lithium battery for big sessions. Vapour quality is unprecedented, with the Arizer Solo promising smooth, thick clouds. While the design is relatively simple, the award-winning Arizer Solo is one of the best portable vaporisers on the market. From laid-back draws in the living room to star-spangled sessions around the campfire, the Arizer Solo delivers on all fronts. 

  • Ceramic heating element with stainless steel bowl
  • Durable anodised aluminium exterior
  • Borosilicate glass draw stem
  • Excellent vapour quality
  • Easy-to-use temperature control with 7 settings
  • Maximum temperature of 210°C
  • Ergonomic design with futuristic styling 
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada

Borosilicate glass draw stems

For vapers that like their cloud smooth and flavourful, the Arizer Solo delivers. Vapour is inhaled through a borosilicate glass stem that preserves flavour and delivers clean, ultra-tasty cloud. While the glass stem promises some of the cleanest cloud on the market it does affect portability, making the Arizer Solo perfect for at-home use or for vapers ready to exercise a little extra TLC on-the-go. 

High quality build

Under the hood of the Arizer Solo Vaporiser you'll find a ceramic heater, stainless steel oven and glass stem. The use of premium materials translates to premium cloud, making the Solo a favourite with connoisseur-level vapers.  

Powerful hybrid heating system

The Arizer Solo uses a hybrid conduction/convection heating system to extract the potentially therapeutic properties of your flower. Hot air is gently circulated through the chamber to preserve flavour and potency, with a subtle blast of conduction to speed things up. 

Extra wide aromatherapy chamber

A spacious chamber allows plenty of air to flow through the Arizer Solo and maximise vapour yield. For enthusiasts chasing robust and flavourful cloud without a huge amount of draw resistance, this is a big plus. 

Multipurpose use

As well as extracting goodness from dry herb, the Arizer Solo can be used as an herbal steamer, essential oil diffuser, citronella warmer, aromatherapy device and deodoriser. Fill the chamber with scented beads, vape fresh herbs from the garden or use to burn incense. 

Advanced temperature control system

The Arizer Solo features 7 built in temperature settings that make it easy to hit the sweet spot of your botanicals. Keep things cool and mellow at 50°C or turn up the heat for hard hitting flavour and potency. The device takes around 2.5 minutes to hit its maximum temperature of 210°C. LED lights indicate what setting the Solo is targeting.  

Easy to use, intuitive design

Simplicity is front of mind, with two buttons used to flick through the temperature settings. The ergonomic design fits snug in the palm of the hand and features a futuristic design. The simple two-piece design makes the Solo a cinch to clean and requires virtually zero maintenance. 

Long battery life

Designed for leisurely sessions, the Arizer Solo offers an impressive 2 hours of continuous vaping when used at low temperatures. It can also be used while plugged in, so long as the battery doesn't slip below 25%. Automatic shutoff preserves battery life and keeps the Arizer Solo juiced up for the next session. There's also an optional charging dock for added style and convenience. 

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Arizer
  • Made in: Canada
  • Device Dimensions: 11.4cm Height | 4.4cm Diameter
  • Materials: Stainless steel, glass stems, anodized exterior
  • Heating Element: Ceramic / Stainless steel
  • Heating Time: ~2 minutes
  • Temperature Range: 50°C-210°C
  • Temperature Control: 7 Pre-set temperatures
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Charger: AC adapter
  • Car Charger: Sold separately
  • Passthrough: Yes
  • Automatic Shut off: 12 minutes
  • Warranty:  2 Years

About Arizer

Born and bred in Canada, Arizer knows a thing or two about the art of dry herb vaping. The company is passionate about developing original, innovative vaporisers manufactured with the highest quality components. Arizer has a stellar track record for durability and dependence, with all devices manufactured to ISO Quality Standards. The award-winning designs cover all bases, ranging from pocket-sized devices to mammoth desktop units. All models follow the signature Arizer script, promising power, performance and hard hitting vapour. 

Package Includes:

The Arizer Solo Vaporiser Full Kit comes with everything you need to get started with the award-winning, Canadian-made device. There are plenty of accessories to play around with, including bent glass stems, aroma tubes and potpourri dishes. Additional mesh screens are HIGHLY recommended to prevent herb particles from being drawn up through the stem during sessions. 

  • 1 x Arizer Solo vaporiser - AU plug
  • 1 x Bent glass stem
  • 1 x Straight glass stem
  • 1 x Potpourri Glass Bowl
  • 1 x AC battery charger
  • 1 x Instructions / Manual