Airistech Headbanger Coils
Airistech Headbanger Coils
Airistech Headbanger Coils

Airistech Headbanger Coils

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Product Description:

The Airis Q1 Dip Coils are authentic Airistech brand atomisers made for use with the Headbanger Concentrate Vaporizer.

These cutting-edge atomiser coils use a unique design that heat thick concentrates quickly, creating strong vapor that is packed with natural flavor.
It has a fritted glass quartz surface encased in a premium ceramic shell housing. The fritted glass quartz element melts your material and allows it to absorb into the atomizer, creating an overall larger surface area l so you can quickly heat through bigger amounts of material with ease.
The Headbanger Q1 Coil sports the innovative dip style heating method that makes vaping on the go discreet and ultra convenient. Just pop open your storage container filled with the concentrate of your choice, dip the fritted quartz tip into it and enjoy with absolutely no preparation required.


The Airistech Q2 Quartz Dab Coils are a genuine Airis brand replacement atomiser head that can be used with their Headbanger and Q-Tip Concentrate Vaporisers.
This is the same exact model that is included in each kit, complete with a premium glass quartz dish and fritted glass quartz heating element that is unlike any other on the market.
The center fritted glass quartz heating element melts your concentrates and allows it to absorb into the atomizer itself. This creates more surface area for your material and results in thicker clouds, stronger flavor and much faster heating.
Airistech's Q2 Dab Coil is constructed with a classic atomizer design that allows you to pack in large amount of material and quickly heat through it with the touch of a button.